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Privacy Policy

  • Our privacy policy is the result of the data's and information we collect from the users or whoever interact with our website. These are kept to safeguard the interest of users and the security of their informations they share with us.
  • We retain all the rights to change our privacy policy at point of time and it is completely upto the users to remain updated about our privacy policy.
  • We do not share your personal information with any other third-party websites. The links given inside this website which may links to some third party websites are done for acquiring more information or more services. An external link to a website on our home page points to "" which is our sister concern.
  • The information which you share with us is your name, contact no, email address, and in some cases your contact address. We only keep these informations to authenticate you as a real user against spammers. In no way we will use these informations to spam you or will send you unnecessary emails. In case, you find some unrelated emails sent by us, please contact us immediately.
  • It is not mandatory for you to provide those informations but then again you won't able to contact us. It is soley upto the user.
  • We are not concerned with other third party websites which we may link to, in case including our sister concern. The privacy policy of our sister concern and any other websites may differ from us and we are not at all responsible for their privacy policy and we can't be held responsible in any way fully or partially. It is upto the user to remain updated with those third party websites.