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Abhaya Mohanta (Chairman), We 4 YOU Charitable Trust

We took services from Suraksha Investcare and it was good. They provided us their services which was appreciable. For all our events and functions we have taken their services. They have taken care of everything. It was really nice that we had their services.


Nishikanta Nayak (Managing Director), GOODWILL Events & Entertainments

We were inclined to take Suraksha Investcare services owing to all the services they were providing. It was a complete package. We needed facility management services and insurance services and we are really glad that we took those from them. We had all our worries taken care of by Suraksha Investcare. We hope we will always deal with them in future.


Ajit Mishra (Founder), PADMALAYA Agency

We did not know that a new company in a market can do this much. We are taking all type of services from Suraksha Investcare and look they are satisfying us in all purposes. Now one thing i get to know is that we can give a chance to a new company to show their talent. They really provide marvellous services.


Sesadev Pradhan (Director), Wonder Infra Projects Pvt Ltd

First of all i want to say, we did not trust this company because we never heard the name before. But after two meetings with them we finally changed our mind to take only electrical services. They were really good. We are so much satisified that now we are taking almost all types of services from them.